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    DGE is Seeking Business Partners
  DGE’s Products and Areas of Application

DGE is a producer of process engineering system applications for plant engineering and environmental protection. Beyond this, we have a range of products for a variety of components such as washers, adsorbers and biofilters. Specifically, we have the following systems for individual components:
washer products 10 different models of washers as subassemblies 20 – 60,000 m/h of exhaust air
1 - 200 m/h of waste water
Adsorbers 4 different models of adsorbers 10 – 60,000 m/h of exhaust air
0,5 – 20 m/h of waste water
Bbiofilters 2 different models of biofilters 10 – 60,000 m/h of exhaust air

We can manufacture these apparatuses in all steel materials and plastics.

Apart from these components, we also offer entire techniques for exhaust air and waste water purification. These techniques can be used in all industrial sectors and in municipalities. We always design our technique in accordance with the special application.
We use special techniques in the field of recycling with processes for recovering:
solvents chemical industry, degreasing metals, creating gypsum bonds, electroplating shops, textile impregnating, printing shops
ammonia chemical industry, electroplating shops, recovering precious metals
nitric acid NOx gas purification, electroplating shops, nitrating processes
hydrochloric acid chemical industry
sodium bisulphide SO2 exhaust gas purification

These processes generally amortise after 0.5 to 2 years, so that they are very effective.

DGE developed some production plant and techniques in the framework of national and transnational research projects and received patent protection for this. Continuing to process research topics is one of the focuses of our company’s philosophy.

DGE is very interested in awarding an agency for the field of plant engineering and awarding licenses with production contracts for the patented system applications such as RK-Vent, spray condensation washers, ringsorbers, etc.

Competent engineering companies or plant engineering companies with excellent contacts to the chemical industry would be among the candidates for a representative for plant engineering. DGE’s profile would form a supplement to this. We could also imagine working together with assembly companies that maintain good contacts with large-scale industrial firms in the framework of basic agreements.

We would award licenses with production contracts to plant engineering companies or production companies that can be proved to have a minimum turnover per year exclusively within the national framework. We would also be open to the possibility of setting up a joint venture.

You may find our entire company profile on our homepage under You can best get into contact with our company and present your initial ideas by E-mail through

We are looking forward to your message and we ensure you that we will process it quickly and seriously.

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