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    Products - Biological filters
  DGE - Biological filters for the environmental friendly exhaust air purification
Biofilter in container-construction
Biofilter in open-construction
Biofilter in round-construction
Our BIOSORP-process enables a production increase of conventional systems.
  DGE - BFC   Biofilter in container-construction  500   -  10.000 m³/h
  DGE - BFO   Biofilter in open-construction 3.000   -   30.000 m³/h 
  DGE - BFR   Biofilter in round-construction 10    -     500 m³/h
  DGE - BW   Biowasher 40    -  2.100 m³/h



If required, we can supplement our testing plants with acid or lye metering stations. Furthermore, we can integrate measuring and analysis equipment for ascertaining the separation performance. The readings are stored on files that allow evaluation.
DGE produces its own Biofilters. We can supply all filter accessories such as: . DGE has its own cleaning technologies for special areas in exhaust air purification as well as many years of know-how and comprehensive references.


Distribution levels, nozzles
pH-measuring sections
Metering containers
biological material
as component parts upon request.
We would be glad to advise you as a supplier of systems and together with you we will work out the most favourable plant strategy for your needs. We optimise operating resource consumption and lower disposal costs. We especially investigate existing possibilities for process development with close material cycles.
We offer our customers a service for especially sensitive plant systems with our mobility guarantee and repair guarantee within 24 hours.


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Biofilter in round-construction

Biofilter in container-construction

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