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    Products - Fans
  DGE - Exhaust air fans of plastic

   Our product range consists of the following fan types:



max. exhaust air flowin m²/h

max. pressure increase in Pa

     VL          Radial fan 5.000 2.600
     HP          Radial fan 15.000 9.000
     AD/RD          Radial fan 25.000 1.200
     VMP          Radial fan 80.000 1.600
     KP/KR          Radial fan 120.000 5.000
     CHP/CHR          Radial fan 150.000 4.500
     AC          Pipe fan 32.000 1.200
     VAC          Roof fan 32.000 1.000

The casing are produced of PPH, PPS, PEHD, PVC, PVDF or GFK.
For the series VL, we have a price list.
The other prices can be received upon request.

VL-Radial fan:                 Nominal line                 Price list                Picture

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