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     RK-Vent® - a new product
A new system of wet separation with a wide field of utilization and a high separation efficiency

    Venturi with rotating cone:



With the use of RK-Vent ® system it improved efficiency, capacity of Venturi gas washers and enlarged the field of use of Venturi gas washers designed to serve for waste gas purification – for dust separation and separation of different substances. With the help of an improved contact conduction it is possible to increase markedly mass transfer particularly in the case of chemisorption.

The acceleration utilized in an appropriate way makes it possible to ensure a multi-stage wet separation also in case of substances with a low density.

Dr.-Ing. Lothar Günther

For wet separating dust from waste gas they are as appropriate practically all column systems. As decisive factors for selecting an appropriate column system they are above all the requested separation efficiency, size of particles with the granularity distribution and a value of specific mass of particles separated. The wet separator separation efficiency can be described by means of a distribution function T(d) as follows :

                                                T(d) = 1- exp[1-f´j ´(d)]

In this case f´= V L / V G (a ratio of flow-rate of the washing liquid L to a flow-rate of the raw gas G) and j´ (d) is so called specific purification volume which is defined as a ratio of one drop during its fly in the separator of purified gas flow-rate to a drop volume. Therefore, it is possible to carry out a preliminary computation of a necessary separation efficiency for each of types of separators. In Figure 1 there are shown attainable separation efficiencies for usual types of gas washers in dependence of granularity distribution. Venturi-separators attain the best separation efficiency values. On the basis of a high relative velocity inside the Venturi-separator it can be said that fluctuations in purified raw gas have a sensitive effect on separation efficiency .


The Venturi separator developed by the firm DGE GmbH is in operation with firmly installed rotating cone. In this way decisive share forces are attained which are decisive for separating particles and these are also utilized. As represented in Figure 2 it is possible in this way to attain better separation efficiency values when compared to conventional Venturi separators. The adjustment of the rotating cone can be carried out manually with the use of a hand-wheel or automatically with the use of an adjusting drive by means of which it is carried out a precise adjustment in dependence on a different pressure of waste gas. Figure 3 shows the execution of RK-Vent ® fitted with automatic control. Figure 4 shows an installed equipment serving for purifying waste gas flow with a capacity of 4.000 m³ / h.

From the loading diagram shown in Figure 5 it is evident a decisive advantage of RK-Vent ® when compared to conventional Venturi separators. If it is requested a separation efficiency for example with one Venturi separator with a pressure drop of 400 up to 500 mm of water column it is possible at specifying the job to realize a working range with fluctuating waste gas flow-rate of 12% in traditional Venturi separator. In spite of this, when using RK-Vent ® separator it is obtained a self-controlling operating range of minimum of 40% related to the maximum flow-rate of waste gas without any occurrence of any deterioration of separation efficiency. In this way it is possible to operate systems for treating waste air fed from a larger number of equipments also at a partial loading more safely and above all more economically. With the use of the newly developed wet separator it is possible to replace the existing systems also with relatively low costs .
It is possible additionally to increase separation efficiency as shown in Figure 2 by the use of particular types of the rotating cone so that it is possible to ensure separation also of aerosols with a high efficiency .
It is possible to use the unit-construction system developed for RK-Vent ® for purifying the flow-rate of waste gas of 100 up to 40 000 m³/h per one separator. Now we are working on the problem of enlarging for higher flow-rates of waste gas .

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