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    Some information about us -  DGE`s company profile
Medium-sized companies provide the stimulus for accelerating the economic upturn

The most important data from DGE's company history:

Dr.-Ing. GŁnther

1991 the company was set up by Dr. GŁnther, engineer in Wolfratshausen (Bavaria, Germany)
1992 headquarters moved to Wittenberg, the city of Martin Luther (in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany)
agreements signed with co-operation partners for producing DGE's equipment
1993 our first large-scale orders for the Bitterfeld-Wolfen site of the chemical industry
1994 concluding our first transnational research project
1995 creating our own internal basis for calculation


1996 - 99 erecting several large-scale plants based upon our own technique
erecting the first production plant
1998 starting the expansion of our company in Europe
1999 expanding our exports of plants

In the last few years, DGE GmbH has specialised in developing and creating process engineering system applications in plant engineering for industry.
In this process, we have consistently analysed the state-of-the-art of existing techniques for cleaning air, water purification and recycling processes. We have developed new processes in co-operation with research institutions, our domestic and foreign co-operation partners that we have successfully been able to implement.
The initial prerequisites for this development were completing and standardising the basic assortment of individual components intended for use as modules for system applications. Some of these specific components are exhaust air washers, biofilters and adsorbers with a wide variety of designs. We have also worked out our own calculation regulations and programs for dimensioning these processes and they are constantly subject to updating.
Based upon the generally existing terms of reference for process improvement, we erected several pilot plants with comprehensive measuring equipment. This makes it possible to integrate the customer’s specific conditions directly into developing techniques and working out system applications. Complicated theoretical ideas are investigated in co-operation with the customer and recognised research institutions, leading to an economic application with perfected technology being worked out for each application.

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